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Move on, grow, learn, and be healthy.
2018-07-10 @ 8:32 a.m.

Frankly, I don't know if this guy "Paul Snyder" is a stalker, good, bad, or legitimate person. The bottom line is, I put myself at risk by being gullible and so open. I was at the dog park during off peak times and something bad could have happened. All the things this guy says could absolutely be true. It seems unlikely that this guy is legit after my gut feeling. Feelings are not facts. I don't want to drive myself crazy. I will just learn from my mistake, talk it over with my case manager, friends, and family and grow.

I think I'm going to work mental healthcare again for a month. I really hoped that I could earn some money and perhaps start a dog walking business or whatnot, but it seems like I do not know what I'm doing. It could be my mental illness messing with me and causing doubt and worry. I will just have to exercise, pray, meditate, talk about it, and do the next right things.

G'd please watch over my loved ones and help me to make good decisions. Help me to pick good people to be in my life. Help me to add to the lives' of others in a positive, healthy way that honors you. Help me to live a good, clean, honest, and loving life. Help me to help the Earth by being a good plant mom. Help me to love the animals. Help me to be a good, moral human being. Restore instinct and intuition. Help me to know what to listen to in my heart, head and gut. Help me to be a good mother. And friend. And family member. And one of your kids. Amen.

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