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what happened?
2015-03-07 @ 8:57 p.m.

I just wrote a long entry and it was erased. To sum things up....I think I was roofied. I made some poor decisions after I was roofied. That's on me. But there is a period of time I do not remember. My sheets are stolen, my prescriptions, and a number of other things. I am not going to tell anyone and this journal is now locked. Permanently.

There is a lot to say and a lot I need to get down on paper to make sense of but I already typed it out once and I don't want to do it again.

I want to take a test to confirm that I was roofied but they are likely already out of my system. I just don't know. I wrote a lot of texts in a blackout that do not make too much sense, and I believe that the roofies made the phenomenon of craving come out and I did stupid shit. I am upset all around. My prescription psych meds were stolen and this is a bad thing. I'm pretty upset. I luckily have old ones (not the right dose...but they'll have to do).

There are cuts all over my hands. My vagina is in pain. It's been two days. I have been too exhausted to shower.

I'm just so confused. I told a number of stories...not because I was lying but because events were not (are not still fully even!) clear. I am relying on few memories that are like flashbacks. I looked up online symptoms of being roofied and I have a number of the symptoms. I am afraid.

My window is broken in the bathroom....I'm afraid that someone will break in and kill Mike and I.

And Mike and I....that's a whole 'nother' entry.

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